Monday, April 9, 2012

Asking Questions, Seeking Answers.

For the first day together our G.A.T.E crew enjoyed the wisdom of Kelly Straford from D.O.C who shared with us the roll of DOC, the work they do locally and the issues they come up against. We used this as a spring board to explore in groups the questions:
1. What is conservation and is it important?
2. What can be conserved and what issues arise in the conservation of these?
3. What are the barriers to conservation?
4. Different groups have varied ideas about conservation, who are these groups and what views do they have?

From this the group developed their own questions to answer and wrote/emailed those who might start providing answers. For the G.A.T.E group - what was your question and who did you approach?


  1. Hi im Jasmine and i asked Metiria Turei (Green Party leader) why the Green party was the only party in Parliament that has a voice for conservation. I know all parties have a 'conservation voice' but i asked why The Green Party has it as their main focus point. :)

  2. Was real cool to meet all you amazing people!

    I have sent off my email but am still waiting on a reply from the head of ecology at Massey. I have done a little extra research about the history of Conservation in New Zealand and realised that only recently (1960's)we became more aware of the issues in New Zealand.

    I am looking forward to our get together on our way to Kapiti Island. Enjoy the rest of your holidays! :)

  3. My question was, How do native species such as the kiwi, influence what the public thinks of conservation? Also is concentrating the promotion of one or two key species mean that other species that are also under threat get ignored?
    I sent this to the Forest and Bird head office.


  4. Like Sarah said, really great to meet all you guys - great to get to know new faces :)

    My question is:

    How are the Conservation Acts formed, and by what legislations and rules, so as not to make them unfair, or harmful to other species?

    I have written to Hon Kate Wilkinson, the current Minister of Conservation

  5. My question was, Would loss of a national species make us more aware of conservation? I sent this to Alan Tennyson at Te Papa.

  6. Hey guys! It was such a fun day!

    I sent a email to Kate Wilkinson who is the Minister of Conservation. I asked her what the budget for conservation in New Zealand is, why they give them that budget, why it isn't bigger, and how it affects non-government orgainizations.

    See you all next term!

  7. I sent a letter to both DOC and the government, asking what has been done about public awareness of conservation, and how people can do their part in helping the environment. I also asked about what projects DOC and the government have taken on around conservation.I asked about what DOC and the government's views on Zealandia were, and if the money would have been better spent in several other smaller projects.