Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kapiti Island Trip

The Freyberg GATE had a great day out at Kapiti Island recently. Hannah was a bit pale-faced on the boat journey over but everyone made it to the shore in good spirits, ready to tackle the tramp to the summit.

After a talk by the ranger we headed off uphill, entertained by the cheeky weka to start with and encountering a range of birdlife en route. The highlight being at the bird feeder below the summeit where an small army of bellbirds were scraping and trying to get to the feeder alongside two stitchbirds who snuck back and forward to feed admist the ruckus. While watching we were also joined by an inquisitive kaka who proceeded to bounce across our shoulders providing a very close encounter. We then continued to the summit for fantastic views across to the South Island.

After descending back we again enjoyed the company of an inquisitive weka while we sat and reflected on the advantages and disadvantages of an island sanctuary and also our connections with the land. For me, being able to experience close up such amazing bush and the birdlife that thrives within is a real privilege. I am aware had big an impact humans have had on such a fragile environment and the responsibility we have to care for what we have left. Kapiti is just one important part of these efforts. I love you to share your impressions of the trip and particularly the "connections" piece you ended up writing.


  1. Kapiti Island was so cool! I loved being so close to the birds in their natural habitat. I was a bit guttered that the kaka didn't land on me but it was very photogenic, I got some great pictures =) I just want to do it all over again, It was a brilliant experience!

  2. It was a great Learning experience and I loved being able to take heaps of photos :) I was a bit sore the next day but it was great fun. The boat ride was awesome.

  3. I had so much fun on this day! The company was great (wink wink Robyn) but my feet were a little sore. Glad I packed my Ma's old walking boots! :) The birds were really cool, and I enjoyed the boat ride.

  4. I legit had so much fun on this trip o: I loved being out on the island and everything, and getting a look at all the purdy birdies around. Even though I was probably the most pathetic person on the way up, it was totally worth it for the view. The boat ride was super fun too.
    I'd love to do it again some time c: